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Another gardening season is upon us. Maine escaped the “worst” of the polar outbreak that gripped the Midwest but overall it’s been a very cold winter!

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It’s time to order for delivery in spring. Plants will be shipped later. Our hardy plants are grown outside, never in greenhouses! It makes a huge difference. Thousands of customers swear by our plants great survival.

ON TO PLANTS (another email will be sent in two weeks with more plants, but don’t wait to order, all plants in limited supply)

Double Bloodroot  Sanguinaria canadadensis ‘Multiplex’


Double Bloodroot is a delightful early bloomer with whorls of satin white petals, more than double in quantity of the regular form. The scalloped leaves are elegant all summer. Thrives in any average to rich soil, partial sun. Zone 4

Tubers: Small $15, medium $30, large $40. One per customer

TO ORDER: Email us with your phone and address, we will call for card …OR text us at 207 607 1284 with wish list.


PITCHER PLANT  Sarracenia purpurea This cool, hardy, carnivorous plant is an attention getter! The colorful, thick pitchers give an exotic look and grow to five to eight inches high in clumps. Likes sun and mossy, wet soil but not not hard to grow. Insects crawl in but can’t get out. Established plants from gallon pots. Zone 4. $10 each or 3 for $28– we also have live sphagnum moss to mix in soil, one pound $13, enough for 3 plants.


TO ORDER: Email us with your phone and address, we will call for card …OR text us at 207 607 1284 with wish list.

TROUT LILY  Erythronium americanum   Early to rise with glistening mottled leaves four inches high and fanciful, nodding yellow flowers. This native bulb is very easy and can form impressive patches. Best in some bright light, tolerates clay. Zone 4.  10 bulbs for only $22   30 bulbs for only $55   60 bulbs for only $99   120 bulbs only $195

Erythronium umbilicatum

TO ORDER: Email us with your phone and address, we will call for card …OR text us at 207 607 1284 with wish list.

JACK IN THE PULPIT  Ariseama triphyllum.  Mysterious foliage & even more mysterious flowers are Jacks claim to fame! Rising 2 to 3 feet a leaf expands at the top to 3 (three) sections. The eye-catching, funnel shaped flowers “leaves”then emerge, which are green & white, the “TRUE” flower. Clusters of vibrant, cherry red seed pods follow in fall. Easy in any average to wet, in sun to ½ shade.  Zones 4 . $6 each 3 for $17 10 for $49


RED TRILLIUM    Trillium erectum Trilliums are a classic sign of spring in the forest. The nodding red flowers last several weeks, then, glossy, attractive three part foliage looks good all summer. Largest growing of the trilliums and the easiest. Light shade. Zone 3  $9 each.  JUMBO size bulbs $13 each

images (2).jpg

GIANT SOLOMONS SEAL   BIG! TUBERS!  Polyganatum commutatum  We have never had tubers so big, some six inches long.  This form can get to five feet tall. Graceful arching branches with pendulous, white bell flowers. The sprays of foliage look good into late fall. Easy in any soil, light shade.  Zone 4. $15 each


MORE WILDFLOWERS are available! See “available wildflower category” on our blog at: Easternplant.blog

Email or text 207 6071284 to order

WOOD FERN Dryopterys spinulosa Very graceful, semi evergreen, uniquely tolerant of drought and wet–highly adaptable. Fronds get to 2 feet in arching clusters giving a gentle look. Excellent combined with shrubs in woodland gardens. Gallon size, removed from pot. Zone 4  $9 each  3 for $26  6 for $49


OSTRICH FERN  Elegant, and can grow to five feet tall. Best in damp to wet soil and some shade. The first fern to emerge. Truly gives a tropical look. each $8  three for $22  six for $39  GIANT jumbo plants $14 each  Zone 4


HAYSCENTED FERN  Fine textured with bright green color all season. Its lacy character blends with anything and is fast growing, liking average to damp soil and some shade. A medium grower to 15 inches; makes a great groundcover and its crushed fronds do have a hay-like scent. Golden fall color is a bonus. Competes well with shallow rooted trees. zone 4  5 FOR $18 10 FOR $32


SENSITIVE FERN  This fast grower tolerates wet or dry including clay. Blunt lobed, bright green leaves grow 2 feet tall in damp soil, (Less in dry soil). They’re bolder than most ferns. It is called Sensitive fern as it goes to “sleep” for the winter with the first fall frost, making it a great natural thermometer! Don’t be fooled though, it is tough and resilient. Interesting dark “sporing fronds” rise from the ground in summer, shown in pic below. Perfect for problem areas where little grows, they also cover that area fast & elegantly.  5 FOR $17  10 FOR $32  30 FOR $90  60 FOR $175


TO ORDER Email us at easternplant@juno.com We will call for card OR text us at 207 607 1284

MORE  FERNS ARE AVAILABLE! See the category “Available Ferns” on our blog at: Easternplant.blog 


CAMPING AT EASTERN PLANT IN MAINE…TOTAL PRIVACY!!!    You can now tent camp in our gorgeous back woods in total privacy. Just 5 great sites, ALL  on or near a woodland stream with water hookup at each site! Some sites have firepits. We are in a very beautiful part of midcoast Maine near many attractions …make this a destination! Our opening last fall was a sellout, with unanimous positive reviews. AFFORDABLE! PRIVATE: THE WAY CAMPING SHOULD BE!  For more info, Text us at 207 607 1284 or go to this link –copy and paste if not clickable http://www.hipcamp.com/maine/wildwalkways-at-eastern-plant/maine-wildwalkwaystwo



PURCHASE PINE NEEDLES FOR YOUR GARDEN   Ideal for mulching rhodos, azaleas, wildflowers and garden beds …and pretty too! Yes we can ship. INQUIRE for shipped pricing. Or you can pickup at the nursery. Price at the nursery $22 per large, 40 gallon bag. Reserve now for spring. For various reasons, we are against mulching with wood chips, pine needles are better and healthier.




From mid May til late June we have thousands of gorgrous rhododendron blossoms on our plants. So I thought, these would be great for arrangements and table displays. Are you having an event where they might pretty up things. Contact us! 207 607 1284 With some planning we could deliver.


For a reasonable fee I can come to your home and advise on your gardens, projects, what’s right, what’s wrong, even plan and install. What do you get? 40 years experience. My firm was into native plants long before it was a trend. My background: I went to Rutgers in NJ, and have degrees in horticulture and landscape design, with countless hours self taught, and botanizing in the wild …best way to learn! We also provide forest tree work, trail work and landscape installation—INQUIRE


RHODODENDRONS FOR YOUR GARDENS!!!  Remember, we have the largest selection in the Northeast. Unusual varieties you can’t get anywhere else.  It is worth a trip here to see them and take some home. You will be amazed. Walk our trails and see them in a natural environment.  If you are traveling: consider camping here in privacy, save money on the motel. See info above. We never really have a complete list of our rhodos as there are so many. Here’s a thought, if you can’t get here, we can select some for you with no obligation. Give us your conditions and likes and we can suggest some. If you agree we will ship them to you. Many customers have done this with great delight.

Eastern Plant  …your source since 1984. 

Look for another email with more plants and shrubs in a few weeks. All plants are in limited supply, order before they are gone.