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Lets talk toilets! We will have enclosed, high quality portable toilets at the campsite area, a big upgrade from the pit toilets we had mentioned. They will be only a short walk from the sites. We will have some sort of dim lighting near each one so they are visible at night, with an integral fan and light inside so you aren’t pooping in the dark.



Site 5 above

We spent yesterday working on site 4 and 5. Each site will have specific name attached. Site 5 overlooks a salt marsh, is near a stream, footbridge and small waterfall with dramatic cliffs a short walk away. The feel is very Maine! Site 5 area below





Site 4 is accessed over a small foot bridge, is secluded, with fire pit and near a stream. The stream can be heard at the site. Here’s a few pics. IMG_20180723_182654

Small footbridge to site 4, ferns in abundance!

Lucas building site 4, a fire pit will be right next to stream, just out of view.




CSELRES_dadb9393-3361-48aa-8030-b5cc969cbe8dSELRES_dadb9393-3361-48aa-8030-b5cc969cbe8dALL OR TEXT 207 607 1284 to reserve a tent site. Bookings are filling up


RHODO bonanza for you

We are swimming in two and three year old seedlings from our hybridizing program, one of the biggest in the U.S. we will be selling these at only $6 each this fall, when you but five or more. All are hardy and beautiful. INQUIRE!!!