Since the day he obtained more electoral votes then Hillary and then “installed” as president, much of the world has been in shock and disgust at his continual disregard for the law, decency and ANY human value. He and his administration are a fraud of epic proportions. It is now beyond blatant.

The latest indignity he is confronting us with is the child separation issue: of those entering this country, fleeing horrors elsewhere to face WORSE ones here as his immoral administration is now STEALING TODDLERS AND INFANTS FROM THEIR MOTHERS AND SENDING THEM OFF TO WHO KNOWS WHERE!

What more evidence does the world need. Evil IS among us. This is not incompetence, this is planned.

We need to take a stand and speak out. This admin is nothing short of a horror that continues daily. The Republican party won’t do a thing, they ARE complicit. The “left” ** doesn’t know how to fight so the countless millions of good people,  like you reading this are left speechless. But we can’t be. (** And the few that do are told to hush and be civil.)

I don’t want to associate with Trump supporters but maybe we have to. Can they see the damage Trump is doing?  Has Fox news altered their thinking permanently …maybe.

Please, if you are horrified, do what you can to educate those who STILL don’t get it. Our country is under attack from within.

What is the old phrase, something like the way evil succeeds is if good people do nothing… that is happening now.

Enough …and vote!