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SENSITIVE FERN Onoclea sensibilis


This fast grower tolerates wet or dry soil, including clay. Blunt lobed, bright green leaves grow 2 feet tall in damp soil, (Less in dry soil). They’re bolder than most ferns. It is called Sensitive fern as it goes to “sleep” for the winter with the first fall frost, making it a great natural thermometer! Don’t be fooled though, it is tough and resilient. Interesting dark “sporing fronds” rise from the ground in summer, after foliage is mature. They’re perfect for problem areas where little grows and they also cover that area fast & elegantly.

Only $2.50 each when you buy ten or more! Gallon sized root systems, order now, we ship when weather breaks. A STEAL OF A PRICE!

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HAYSCENTED FERN Dennsteadtia punctiloba


This fine textured fern has bright green color all season. Its lacy character blends with anything and is fast growing, liking average to damp soil and some shade. A medium grower to 15 inches it can make a great groundcover and its crushed fronds do have a hay-like scent. Golden fall color is a bonus. Competes well with shallow rooted trees.

ONLY $2.50 EACH when you order ten or more. Gallon size root systems…order now, we ship when weather breaks. A STEAL OF A PRICE!

Email Easternplant@juno.com to order

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