No sales pitch, just hoping ALL can have a peaceful, rewarding get together. If you are alone, remember you really aren’t. Life is short and we make friends throughout, some come some go, some disappear, some die, many give us joy, some betray us.  But there is always hope. Yes, the worn phase “there are always others worse off” IS true, please remember that. Let’s hope for all us gardeners we have a mild winter that isn’t too stressful on plants …or people. Especially after last years Arctic assault when we had relentless cold and snow and wind–it was brutal. We experienced a record drought this summer but have somewhat caught up on rain. The drought was scary-we had virtually no rain in July, August and Sept and yours truly spent the entire summer watering. On Nov 21 we had our first touch of snow. (it wasn’t predicted here) When I woke up that morning, below is what was outside the window overlooking the lake. Today, Thanksgiving is promising to be milder to around 55. Not bad for here. We still have many plants to get packed together for winter (all kept outside) and that is a task for today. Thanks personally to our customers for sticking with us thru the years. The tornado 5 years ago almost put me out of business and has delayed the lifelong dram of making this the amazing “goto” place it should (and will) be- we appreciate those who have been here and know that-and those that have worked here. It is a very tough business but we love it. There is no other nursery in the country with a setting like we have. Visit if you can. As always feel free to email if you have any questions. easternplant@juno.com

Mark Stavish …your real plant person in Maine at Eastern Plant



Lake view after the first touch of snow Nov 21 2015