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By far the easiest Lady Slipper to grow. We have had colonies for 30 years as have many customers. There is a myth these are nearly impossible to cultivate …not true. Provide woodsy soil in dappled light with some sun. It can tolerate almost full sun in cool northern areas. The pouch like, luminous yellow flowers are a real treat and last several weeks. Even the foliage is fascinating, resembling miniature corn stalks, see below. If your soil is highly acid, add some pulverized lime to the area; a few tablespoons mixed into planting area. The planted area should never be walked on- soil compaction is the biggest killer of all plants. Lady Slippers are very slow to grow initially but very long lived. When planting, plant so the dormant whitish bud is covered about one inch; do not press down hard on soil. Those we offer are at or close to blooming age. Watch for slugs as they like these too. Adding some fine gravel on edge of planting area discourages them. To prevent animals from digging up newly planted Ladyslippers or any plant, after planting lay some coarse metal screening over the planted area. (hardware cloth as its called)  Lady Slipper seed is almost microscopic; in nature only a few of perhaps a million seeds will make it to adulthood. It is one of several reasons they are so rare. In spite of that, mature plants can be grown in a wide area, from Northern New England to the mid Atlantic & upper south into the midwest and upper midwest and Pacific Northwest.

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