Thousands of the finest rhododendrons anywhere await you! Unlike all other nurseries we grow the rhodos outside and they overwinter outside. Because of that they are much tougher and have a higher survival rate. YES, Rhodos grown in Maine …from start to finish!

We specialize in growing the best hardy varieties, that are often unavailable elsewhere. DO YOU KNOW that 99% of the rhodos you see in the landscape are only 3 or 4 of the same variety, while there are THOUSANDS OF BETTER VARIETIES?

One has to search for those better varieties, and they may cost a little more up front but they offer so much more! Some have incredible tropical foliage or fuzzy foliage; others have colors you may not have seen or bloom earlier or later than the common types.

Eastern helped form the Maine Rhodo Society way back and I have been into rhodos since I was a kid, so there is lifelong experience you are buying.

Pictured above is Rhodo ‘OH MY GOSH’  It is a chance seedling of the species maximum but is unlike all other maximums. It is the best rhodo maximum you will ever see. Incredible dense foliage is a show stopper & it blooms even later than other maximums, often into August–having the richest pink color of any maximum & zone 4 hardy, it’s a must in any garden. Available only at Eastern!

‘OH MY GOSH’ photo courtesy of Kyle Lohrmann

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Email or call to visit! We’re a destination point for all plant lovers!

We have an incredibly scenic location is in Georgetown Maine..near Bath. It is truly park-like. You can hike, bird watch, photograph (and buy plants!) on your visit. Even have lunch on our WildWalkWays trails throughout the property.

Come back often as our blog gets underway with helpful advice, photos & articles on the plants we offer.